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Athens is a must-see city full of archaeological wonders, historic sites and charming tavernas. It’s usually represented as the historical capital of Europe, creating it a perfect destination for history buffs. It’s one amongst the world’s oldest cities with several hidden sites to uncover and ancient monuments to admire. However, Athens manages to mix both old and new, having been modernized and revamped for the 2004 Olympic Games.

The capital of Greece was named after the deity of knowledge, Athena. As shortly as you step off the plane you may notice something is charming about this city. It combines museums and art galleries with lively bars and restaurants serving tasty, traditional, Greek food.

Athens is additionally close to some stunning beaches, creating it doable to mix a city break with a beach vacation. you'll be fascinated by the numerous things to see and do in Athens. Most of the key landmarks may be seen on foot.

Athens additionally features a spectacular nightlife scene, creating it a prime destination for those searching for an unforgettable night out. Whether or not you get pleasure from sightseeing, eating in authentic restaurants, unwinding at the beach or partying through the night, you will have a pleasant vacation in Athens.

What to see

The most well-liked site to check-in Athens is the Acropolis, which implies ‘high city’ in Greek. Several Greek cities have an Acropolis, originally designed to safeguard the people and additionally to store valuable masterpieces. However, the Acropolis in Athens is by far the most spectacular.

The Acropolis is a UNESCO World Heritage site and boasts spectacular views of the city. Head the pedestrianized streets and admire the wonderful sculptures and samples of ancient architecture. The acropolis additionally houses the Parthenon, an iconic building that was initially built in 477 B.C. as a tribute to the goddess Athena.

Another must-visit site is the Temple of Zeus. See the ancient ruins of an exquisite temple that was once one amongst the largest temples in Greece. This ancient temple used to have 104 columns that reached fourteen metres high.

The Panathenaic stadium ought to even be on your travel itinerary, it dates back to 330BC and is made of marble. The very first modern Olympic Games were held here in 1896, creating this a very special stadium. Those with an interest in the history of the Olympic Games can significantly get pleasure from a visit to the Panathenaic stadium.

Mount Lycabettus is additionally worth a visit, it’s a stone hill in Athens that sits 277 metres above sea level. It’s another good place to induce wondrous views of the city. you'll be able to walk to any or all the main points of interest, because of the archaeological Promenade. This is a 2.5 mile long pedestrianised walkway that links up cities most spectacular archaeological sites.

Lifestyle and Culture

Athens is completely packed with culture, from its ancient sites to lively modern-day bars and restaurants. It’s also quickly turning into one Europe’s best nightlife destinations, due to its selection of bars and clubs and additionally because of the very fact that the locals get pleasure from a decent night out. There are a lot of chilled out cafes where you'll be able to grab some Mezze and have a couple of relaxed drinks, urban stylish bars and a lot of upbeat pubs and clubs. There’s a night out to suit everybody in Athens.

You definitely won’t be short of historical sites to see in Athens, it’s tough to pack all of them into one trip. For those fascinated by Greek history, there’s additionally a good choice of various museums as well as the National archaeological museum and also the Benaki museum that contains Greece’s oldest private collection. Lose yourself in the fascinating history and culture of this charming city.

What’s On

Athens, being the capital of Greece naturally has several events throughout the year. If you would like to get a taste of Athens life then head to the Athens Festival, an arts festival crammed with music, dance and celebrations. It takes place between May and October. Like the Athens festival is the Petra festival that is held towards the end of summer. From arts and dances festivals to live music and sports events, Athens has it all.

Getting Around

Athens is a pedestrian-friendly city, you'll quickly notice that walking is one among the simplest ways in which to get around. You get a feel for the city by seeing all the attractions on foot. If need|you would like|you wish} to travel outside of the city then you would possibly want to rent a car.

You can additionally use the tram to get around, it’s straightforward and cheap. There’s also the underground, that may be a bit harder to navigate. Taxis also are a choice however they'll get costly if you're travelling around loads. You'll be able to additionally catch the bus however most of the signs are in Greek.


There are many beaches within easy reach of the city; simply follow the coastline and you'll notice a fine choice of sandy beaches. You'll be able to get to a number of the Greek Islands from Athens, it’s a handy destination for those that wish to go Greek Island hopping. There also are several yacht tours, boat trips, cruises and day trips from Athens.


It’s best to avoid Athens within the height of the summer. Strictly as a result of temperatures get high that makes sightseeing rather uncomfortable. July and August are the hottest months, you'll be able to visit at this time if you're going on a beach vacation and may deal with the stifling heat.

The best time to visit is what is considered 'shoulder season' in May to June and September to October. Temperatures are way comfier during these months. Winters in Athens are quite gentle, though you may still need to wrap up warm and also the weather may be more unpredictable. The coldest month is January and also the wettest month is December.

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