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Airlines and their customers (passengers and shippers) pay many special taxes and fees to a variety of authorities, both at home and abroad. Among the stated purposes of these taxes and fees are homeland (national) security, environmental protection, agriculture inspection, infrastructure enhancement, airport and airway operations and maintenance, and agency financing. U.S. and foreign taxes have grown in number, amount, and scope since the advent of air transport. The amount a passenger pays in taxes and fees on a ticket varies according to his itinerary, including the number of times he or she boards a new flight and at what airports. In addition to the special taxes and fees captured in the table below, the Federal Aviation Administration also charges overflight fees to operators of aircraft that fly in U.S.-controlled airspace, but neither take off nor land in the United States.

Name & Description May Apply To Code Amount
Passenger Ticket Tax (U.S. Domestic)
Applies within the continental USA, Hawaii and Buffer Zone.
U.S. Domestic and International US 7.50%
Alaska/Hawaii Ticket Tax
Applies to certain flight segments to or from Alaska or Hawaii.
U.S. Domestic and International US $8.40
U.S. Federal Segment Fee
Per-segment fee applicable to flights within the continental United States.
U.S. Domestic and International ZP $4.00
Passenger Facility Charge (PFC)
Variable fee based on airport for facilities improvement. A maximum of 4 charges per itinerary applies.
U.S. Domestic and International XF $4.50 to $18.00
U.S. Passenger Civil Aviation Security Fee
September 11th Security Fee - U.S. government-assessed fee of $2.50 per U.S. enplanement per ticketed journey for security costs not to exceed $5.00 one-way or $10.00 round-trip.
U.S. Domestic and International AY $2.50 to $10.00
U.S. International Transportation (Arrival/Departure) Tax
Applies to all flights arriving in or departing from the United States, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.
International US $16.70
U.S. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Fee
Applies to all flights originating abroad, except Canada, and landing in the United States, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.
International XA $5.00
U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Fee
Applies to international arrivals to the United States, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.
International XY $7.00
U.S. Customs User Fee
Applies to international arrivals from outside of the U.S. Customs territory.
International YC $5.50
International Taxes and Fees
Various foreign taxes, inspection fees, and security charges typically excluding airport departure taxes.
International Varies $5.50 to $349.00*

* Approximate amount
* Government imposed taxes and fees are subject to change.

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