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Atlanta the city is famous for being the birthplace for the civil rights movement and Dr Martin Luthur King and any African American intellectual and artistic movement can either trace its origin here or find resonance with this beautiful city that is the “Southern capital” of USA. With around 6 million inhabitants (and growing) the city has an abundance of Superlative and award winning restaurants, a visible Hollywood influence (its one of the biggest productions center of film) theaters museumand open parks and public spaces.

Atlanta is a city within a forest almost 36% of Atlanta is covered in urban trees, which make it the one of the most densely forested cities in America. It has more than 300 parks, gardens and nature preserves and plubic spaces make it a place where you can always find a bit of space to unwind after a busy day shopping eating and getting your fill of the wonderful art and culture of the city.

Atlanta What to See

The Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world! At 10 million Gallons it boast of being home to dolphins, beluga whales, penguins, sharks and more. Not only that, but it's also home to one of the largest living reef exhibits in the world.

Under water in a tunnel that shows you marine life from the perspective of a scuba divers. All without having to learn how to breathe from an oxygen tank.

CNN Center, the world headquarters of the international news channel CNN, offers to show you an inside look at news production. A guided tour that explains how news is made and broadcasted all around the world.

Take a ride on the world's longest freestanding escalator in the building , which starts the tour. Try your hand at "cold reading" the news in a Studio.

Fox Theatre known as "The Fabulous Fox," open in 1929 as a movie theatre the Fox theatre. Became the go-to cultural center for Atlanta residents and tourists to see live plays, attend the ballet, or even catch a live concert by current bands.

The Fox Theatre is a site to behold. Its architecture looks like a mixture of Arabic Egypitian and the grandeur of ‘20s art deco. A must visit place from any point of view.

Whats On

Getting Around

* After the getting out of the Airport you can use any one of the following to travel in Atlanta
* MARTA is Atlanta’s rapid transit rail system.
* The Atlanta Streetcar
* Taxicabs
* Walking and Biking

As its densely forested it’s a great to take a walk slow down and stretch your legs in Atlanta. Take a stroll through the cities neighborhoods or go for a bike ride.


Day trips from Atlanta: if you have extra time and want to spend a day outside the city these are great places that you can see.

Lake Lanier A great place to spend the day out with children it has even got a amusement park by the same name featuring water slides a mini golf and eating options.

Chattanooga cross the stae line to tennesee and you will reach Chattanooga A small city with its roots in Tennessee you can ride the incline railway upto the lookout hill beforing going to the deepest underground waterfalls in the USA.

Providence Canyon State Park

If you haven’t visited the Grand canyons or don’t have the time during this trip to go west, a visit to the Providence Canyon State Park will give you a small taste of the Great Canyons itself with a 1,000 acres to explore you can take a leisurely stroll to the best lookout spots or if you are an avid hiker you can cover as much ground as possible.

It is a year round destination and is most colourful in the autumn months.

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