Beijing, with its rich history and cutting edge feel, is a city full of surprises. China's capital makes a phenomenal showing of both old and new. It's a very exciting city to be in!

On the off chance that you need to visit a portion of China's most noteworthy destinations, you will discover a significant amount in Beijing, from the Great Wall of China to the captivating Forbidden City and Beijing National Stadium. There are six World Heritage Sites inside Beijing.

Beijing offers astonishing sights, a wealth of eateries, amazing architecture and an unending list of cultural activities to try. The nation's capital is the money and social epicentre of China. It's surely a city that has made its imprint since its start over 3 centuries ago.

A few pieces of Beijing appear as if they have been frozen in time. Visit the otherworldly sanctuaries, cycle around the city taking in the well-known sights and fold into an interminable experience to try mouth-watering Chinese specialities. If you are searching for a fascinating city with lots to see and do, then you won't be disappointed with what Beijing brings to the table.

What to see

Staying for a while in Beijing for a couple of days? Great! You'll need it!

Make sure to plan an excursion to the Great Wall of China, the world's longest wall - a noteworthy structural accomplishment and an amazing site.

The Forbidden City is one more of the city's primary tourist destination. It's a magnificent palace situated in the center of Beijing containing Chinese chronicled and social relics.

This bustling city can get a touch of overpowering, so set aside energy to getaway to one of the city's green spaces. The Summer Palace isn't to be missed. Here you will discover wonderful flourishing gardens, serene lakes and pretty villas. Jingshan Park is additionally worth a visit with its lovely flowers, pleasant gardens and 360-degree perspectives on the city.

It's likewise worth seeing all the modern buildings and high-rises dotted around the city. Take for instance the NCPA Concert Hall, Galaxy Soho,CCTV Building, and the Olympic Stadium. Interestingly, there's the combination of small back streets with conventional patio houses in the Beijing Hutongs. This piece of the city will give you an understanding of the more seasoned and increasingly traditional side of Beijing.

Ensure you visit the Lama Temple and the aptly named Temple of Heaven. If you are a history buf, make sure not to  miss the Palace Museum where you can see 5,000 years of traditional Chinese workmanship.

Lifestyle and Culture

If you need a knowledge into China's cultural legacy, book an outing to Beijing. The majority of the region's top entertainers and artists flock here to showcase their talents. You can see a wide range of astounding shows including gymnastics, drama, and even Kung Fu shows.

The rich culture makes the nightlife here amazingly reviving and engaging. There's likewise a numerous and varied selection of bars, clubs and activities for those searching for an enthusiastic night out. You positively won't be shy of activities in the nights.

The Chinese love their food, and no place else is this more apparent than in Beijing. Eatery seating spills out onto the roads pressed with local people getting a charge out of fulfilling suppers. Feasting out in Beijing is a profoundly social event and cafés serve an assortment of Chinese and global dishes.

To those who appreciate a touch of retail therapy on vacation will value the shopping alternatives in Beijing. The city has a lot of choices with regards to shopping, from the eccentric market and roadside stops, to high road stores and planner shops. Advance toward Wangfujing, one of the principal shopping boulevards in the city.

What’s On

As Beijing is the capital city, it has a colossal range of events. Regardless of whether you adore sport, music, celebrations or culture, there will be an occasion for you in Beijing. The Grand Lighting Celebration gathering happens on the tenth of December.

There's an unending choice of sports events including live NFL, snooker and international competitions. Beijing International Long-Distance Running celebration is held in April and the Huangyaguan Great Wall Marathon is held in May.

The Mid-Autumn celebration is one of China's most significant occasions between early September to early October. Craftsmanship lovers will need to go to the Beijing 798 Art Festival, which happens in September and October. The International Music Festival keeps running all through October.

Getting Around

Beijing is a cutting edge city with an advantageous and fast transportation framework. There are a large number of vehicles in the city, so driving can be a test. The air terminal is around 17 miles outside of the city, you can get an express train into the city or catch a taxi.
Beijing is additionally home to one of the greatest urban trainlines on the planet, it tends to be full at peak times yet it's an incredibly cheap way to get around. On the off chance that you are keen on staying in shape, you can generally enlist a bicycle and cycle around the city.


Visit Tianjin, Tangshan and Langfang - all are easy to reach from Beijing. If you want to wander further away, fly to neighbouring nations that are a couple of hour's trip from China, including Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and The Philippines.


The atmosphere in Beijing is calm, and there are four primary seasons. The temperatures in the city can change immensely among day and night.

Summer is extremely humid and scorching, temperatures can move to 39 degrees and the city is packed with people. Interestingly, throughout the winter, temperatures can drop to short of 20 degrees. The best time to visit is in the harvest time or spring when temperatures are pleasant and the city isn't as busy.

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