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Referred to as the ‘Queen City’ because of being named after Queen Charlotte, the spouse of King George III. The metropolis has a wonderful character with lots of culture, history and several nicknames which mirrors Charlotte’s roots, from ‘The Hornet’s Nest’ to ‘The city of churches’.

What to see

You may get a sense of the culture and history of the city via the various museums dotted in and around Charlotte, which include the Mint Museum that is housed inside the original Charlotte Mint building which previously constructed during the time of the country's first gold rush.

Charlotte isn’t simply all about historical facts and figures, however. The city is the third-biggest banking center inside the united states having pioneered interstate banking within the 1980s, and now shines and is the prime example of the genuinely contemporary ‘Uptown’ place with a futuristic skyline of skyscrapers.

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