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Cleveland The city is located on the southern shore of Lake Erie, across the U.S. maritime border with Canada and is the seconf largest city of Ohio. It became a manufacturing center due to its location on both the river and the lake shore, as well as being connected to numerous canals and railroad lines. Cleveland is also home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The city has many nicknames, the oldest of which in contemporary use being "The Forest City".

Cleveland's downtown architecture is diverse. Built in the early 20th century, they constitute one of the most complete examples of City Beautiful design in the United States. Euclid Avenue as know as Millionaires row was world-renowned as the home of such major figures as John D. Rockefeller, Mark Hanna, and John Hay. It was also called the most beautiful street in the world by Bayard Taylor.

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The city is a historical and architectural gem the parks and the water front "Emerald Necklace", encircle Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. The city is home to the Metroparks' Brookside and Lakefront Reservations, as well as significant parts of the Rocky River, Washington, and Euclid Creek Reservations.

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The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This museum is dedicated to all things music and features exhibits from the earliest days of modern music, to how it has changed over the generations. The building itself is also a work of art in its own right as it was designed by famed architect I.M. Pei (known for his iconic Louvre pyramid in France). The museum has also embraced the pyramid design within their logo as it turns the pyramid into a guitar fret!

Cleveland is also home to an absurd number of museums- so many that you won't be able to hit them all on a single trip. For those looking for more, a trip to University Circle in Cleveland's East Side is a must. irst visit we checked out the Cleveland Museum of Art because it is large, features art from ancient Egypt all the way to modern day, and, best of all, is free!

The imposing but iconic sight of the USS Cod Submarine Memorial greets you from the shores of Lake Erie. The submarine was used in the Second World War and, as you might expect, has had an eventful history during its active years. Most famously, it is noted for being the first submarine vessel used in a submarine to submarine rescue in 1945. During the summer, you can board the vessel via the original hatches and tour the various areas of the submarine.

Cleveland Botanical Gardens showcases an incredible variety of plant species. The garden is made up of several impressive themed areas with carefully selected flowers including the Inspiration Area which aims to inspire people with ideas for their own garden.

The West Side Market bills itself as the oldest continually operating indoor / outdoor market in Cleveland and is most certainly a spot that will amaze any visitor. A haunt of bargain hunters, gourmets and souvenir shoppers. its varied wares will tempt even the most jaded . the views from second-floor walkway are stunning.

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