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Named after a Governor of the Kansas territory. The city is also nicknamed the Mile high city because its elevation is exactly 1 mile above sea level. Denver is also famous for being the home place of 2 foods that America loves the cheeseburger and the chipotle Mexican grill.

Denver has an incredible art scene the first Friday of every month sees people walking in art galleries there are food trucks and live music it almost seems like a fair. There are dinasarous praks fro the kids there are incredible blue fiberglass statues of horses and bears and its also a place where you can stand (on the 13th step) exactly 1 mile above sea level.

Why Go

Denver is a city where you will find great things to do whether you are travelling alone or with the family. If you are travelling alone you may want to visit the craft beer mania and visit one of the many microbreweries to see how beer is made. In the fall there are 800 breweries that display several thousands of their products. If you are a student or an art enthusiast tgis is the city where you can get your fill of art, you can also introduce your children to art as its not a boring tour in fact on the first Friday of each month the city becomes alost like an art gallery, the live music and food make it a fun way to explore and learn about art.

It’s a great place to indulge in food and drinks and learn about the western history.

And if the sky seems bluer it is!

What To Do

visit the dinasarous ridge the park with a difference... instead of standing the bones up inside a building the tourist can walk and see where they were found. The children can even learn about archeology at the “dig site”.

Visit the historical buildings. Many unique and historical building were buit in Denver at the turn of the 19th century and the city has stunning example of these buildings and the history they contain.

The Victorian buildings at Larimer square have been refurbished to lend a delightful charm of string lights crisscrossing the street, adding to the vibrant atmosphere all year long. It’s a great place to eat and drink with several chef driven restaurants that made dining a pleasure.

Visit the Rockies Mountains by road and you can be back before dinner. If that's not your thing not visit the Coors Field a stadium where the Colorado Rockies play, the stadium has been designed to showcase the mountains.

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