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Get reasonably-priced flights to Detroit, Michigan with Air Tickets and discover ‘Motor city’, the origin of the contemporary automobile and the Motown Sound.

Detroit is well regarded for being the place in which Henry Ford’s ground-breaking model T car rolled off the manufacturing line and set bar for the vehicles that we use nowadays, in addition to being the birthplace to the Motown record label which introduced such artists as Diana Ross & the Supremes, Smokey Robinson and Stevie wonder into the mainstream.

What to see

A key primary hub of the Midwest, there’s lots to see and do in Detroit, may it be Hitsville u.s.A. (the old Motown headquarters), the Detroit Museum of Art, Renaissance center, or taking in a game at Ford field or the Joe Louis Arena.

The city is likewise the host to so exquisite buildings, considered one of the largest theatre districts within the US, lots of excellent green areas, and an entire host of cultural sights.

There’s additionally a various and thrilling nightlife scene as soon as the sun goes down, with a booming music scene and 3 casinos in case you’re feeling lucky.

Flights to Detroit with Air Tickets

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