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“Houston we have a problem” is probably the most popular line about any city in the world. Houston is one of those places where you instantly feel at home it’s the most diverse city of America with 145 spoken languages and arguably the best culinary scene in the country. It is also home to the 4th largest shopping mall in the USA and you cant beat historical and cultural vibe if the city. The nightlife is buzzing with honky-tonky bars, wine joints and nightclubs.

Why Go

Go for the culture, go for shopping go for the Texan food, the museums the night lift the parks but most of all for the NASA space center. It is the most popular `tourist as well as local attraction in the state. The food is the best in Houston its so delicious that the locals eat out more than any other city in USA. Houston also has dedicated some areas in the city just for kids like the Children’s Museum, Splashtown The Main Street Theater and the Kemah Boardwalk which features a giant Ferris wheel.

What to Do

Visit NASA’s Space Center Houston boasts of permanent displays of moon rocks and artifacts from outerspace. It has recently expanded to show the, new Independence Plaza exhibit, a 747 aeroplane with a full replica of the space shuttle Independence mounted above it.

The museum of fine arts Houston Each Thursday, Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts offers free admission for those not inclined toward arts there is a happy hour bar between 6-8 pm.

Houston from below the tunnel tour 7.5 miles of tunnels twisting beneath the city’s surface, there's subterranean expanse to explore.

Galveston it’s a historic beach town about an hours drive and considered by many as a part of Houston itself great place to relax and catch some sun Houston Museum of Natural Science.

San Jacinto Monument is the tallest war memorial in the nation. Get your picture taken with the Houston Mural at 520 Travis Street.

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