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Since the 1920s, Kansas City is known as a city of Fountains, barbecues, and Jazz. Those 3 define its culture, tradition, and history.

What to See

Back in the early 1920s, Henry began barbecuing in an outside pit adjoining to his streetcar barn, serving slabs of meals wrapped in newspaper. Now, more than 100 unique restaurants smoke and serve everything from beef, pork, and chicken to vegetarian options like mushrooms and jackfruit, mushrooms. There is even the Kansas city BBQ experience app committed to exploring the city's culinary scene!

Kansas city is hosts to more than than 200 fountains—more than every other city in the United States and only second to Rome internationally. From huge and majestic to small and whimsical, there are waterworks devoted to fallen firefighters, the city’s kids, women’s rights and more. The city's love affair to the fountain started with a very sensible reason. The Humane Society constructed the city’s first fountains as water troughs for horses in the 1800s. Now loved works of public art, the fountains have come to be an enchantment unto themselves—and an integral aspect of Kansas City way of life, located everywhere from Crown Center and Union Station to the country club plaza.

Jazz first flourished during the 1920s and '30s on 12th & Vine and in what's now the 18th & Vine historic Jazz District. Nowadays, those roots run deep—the style is as colorful as ever, fueling more than 40 jazz and first-class-dining venues each night of the week, which include local icons the Mutual Musicians Foundation, The Blue Room, The Phoenix, and The Green Lady Lounge.

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