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Extensively considered to be Pakistan’s cultural capital, Lahore has lots of wonderful attractions to awe and keep its tourists busy.

Among the chaos of this bustling modern-day metropolis, you’ll discover the colonial-gothic architecture of the British Raj, remarkable buildings from the Mughal Empire, in addition to colorful malls and street-side dining

What to see

In the center of Lahore is its Walled or old city, a densely populated place of approximately one square kilometer that would date back as a long way as 2,000 BCE. This warren of tiny alleys, surrounded with 9m walls and 13 gates, is a superb area to people-watch and to go to a few key attractions, like the Mosque of Wazir Khan, the Sunehri Masjid (Golden Mosque) and the Royal Baths.

The old city’s celebrated site is the stately Lahore fort, in which the Mughals, then the Sikhs, constructed their imperial quarters and simply opposite its primary gateway is the astounding Badshahi Mosque. This massive building of red sandstone, with large marble domes, is considered one of the largest mosques in the world, with the ability to house as much as 100,000 people in its open courtyard. Attempt to stopover late at night while there are fewer people at prayer and the mosque is fantastically illuminated. Near the Bhatti Gate at the right-hand side, is the Faqir Khana Museum, which displays the treasures of the Faqir family, with over 13,000 pieces of artwork.

exciting points of interest outside of the Walled city like beautiful colonial architecture such as the general post office and the Lahore Museum where you’ll discover some 20 galleries with exhibits spanning the captivating recorded records of the subcontinent, consisting of objects from the stone age, in addition to a well-known display of Gandharan sculpture.

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