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Minneapolis–Saint Paul is a major metropolitan area built around the Mississippi, Minnesota and St. Croix rivers in east central Minnesota. Its nicknames the city of lakes. Minneapolis has more high rise office buildings, St. Paul has a more old town feel. They border each other so there isn't any real distance between them but if you want to measure the heart of each downtown it is about 5 miles.

Why Go

Minneapolis is an arts and culture hub that surprises most with its style and spirit many famous rock stars emerged from the music scene that was famously said to be ahead of its times by Bob Dylan “The Twin Cities, they were rock and roll towns,” he said. The City of Lakes is gaining mention thanks to its famed art, live music, an eclectic food scene, and the Super Bowl. The biggest advocate of Minneapolis was Prince, the late Minnesotan rock star.

The Twin Cities are a two-for-one destination if you’re up for it as it combines all the music and modern art with history of St Pauls.

What To Do

* Visit the lakes in the summer (it has 13 of them) visit the history and see one of the great mills that made the town a mil town.

* Walk down the stone arch bridge across the Mississippi river.

* Minneapolis is home to 197 green parks. Minneapolis is home to 197 green parks that serve as respites on a hot summer day and offer unique glimpses into some historic corners of the city is the Minnehaha park that nestles inside its boundaries, a waterfall to offer respite from a hot day. Lyndale Peace Park and Rose garden is a Japanese inspired garden and a favorite among locals and tourist. It is also the second oldest rose Garden in the US.

* Drive across to St Paul and you can Hike and bike the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area or wander around the historic Fort Snelling and marvel at the Cathedral of Saint Paul which is modeled after St. Peters Basilica in Rome.

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