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The city was founded by the French and also spent a few years under Spanish rule before falling back into France’s possession many of the city’s street names are French words or last names. It also has strong African, Caribbean, Irish, German and Sicilian influences, and it is often referred to as a “melting pot” of America. the biggest port city in the American Southin the 1800, which contributed to its international appeal. The blend of influences that contributed to its development over the years is still reflected in its cuisine, music, architecture, art and general attitudes and ways of life. As in many European cities, you’re encouraged to sit back and enjoy yourself.

Why Go

New Orleans There are probably a thousand reasons to visit New Orleans. It’s filled with friendly people, amazing food, awesome live music and memorable attractions. Known as “the birthplace of jazz,” the city is home to a number of intimate concert venues. It’s a go-to city for musicians and/or those who want to get out and dance.

New Orleans is rightfully known for its flavorful, spicy food, and one of the best things about springtime is the abundance of crawfish broils.

“The Greatest Free Show On Earth,” Mardi Gras is a citywide celebration like no other. New Orleans attracts thousands of visitors for its New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival during the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May.

The historic buildings all across the city will catch the eyes of even the un-initiated. There have also been major efforts to preserve the integrity of many of the older buildings one of the most charming aspects of the city is that you can admire structures that have been around for hundreds of years and still in use today.

Where To Go or What To Do

* French quarter

* Bourbon Street

* Jackson square

* St Louis cathedral

* Take a ghost tour

* Drink local coffee

* Listen to live music

* Eat local crawfish

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