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The big Apple. In a world full of glittering cities New york will always be the brightest of them all. NYC is made up of 5 boroughs which together make up the city. There are plenty of reasons why you must visit the city of New York from its shopping to the dining scene to the statures the monuments and the skyline. Arguably the most recognizable skyline in the world new york has also got a glittering art and fashion industry thriving along with the financial district.

Why Visit

Wether you visit for the art the shopping the dining or just to wander you will find things to do in New York.

It is a nexus for art lovers and you will museums of all kinds from thing from the big e.g. the MET to small often cozy places devoted to just one theme.

If this isn’t enough catch one of the live music shows that happen almost every night you can see the statue of liberty indulge in shopping in the 5th avenue and dine in cuisines from all over the world. Watch the skyline from the Hudson Bay Bridge. Soak in the view from the empire state building. There is the theater district the midtown and soho the china town and the 9/11 memorial. You will find time to be in short supply when you visit the city, and there is plenty to see and do after dark from clubs to music to neighborhoods that come alive in the evening.

What To Do

The list of what to do in NYC is endless but these are some of the unmissable things to do:

* Visit Times Square
* Stroll Through Central Park
* The Statue of Liberty and the Staten Island ferry
* Head to the observation deck on the empire state building
* Visit the 9/11 memorials
* Visit the Guggenheim and the MET
* Visit the Grand Central Station
* Make sure you see the Brooklyn Bridge

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