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Its also called the city of roses. Everything you’ve heard about Portland is true, including the fact that it’s a fun-filled city unlike any place on the US. Portland is a city in motion and it keeps changing but it’s extremely easy to fall in love with. Normal for locals here is not normal for anyone else.

Why Go

It’s a unique city. Mountains loom in the distance. Everything is green; the Strip clubs outnumber McDonald's. The east and west sides of the Willamette River -- which cuts through the center of town -- are alive with bikers, musicians skateboarders. Food is as unique and artistic as the residents. You can hace the best chicken from a dive or on a china plate. Thanks to an old law that dictates any establishment serving booze must have a full kitchen, you’ll find the lines between bars and restaurants blurred to a great degree.

It’s the home of good Coffee and beer. There are more than 80 breweries operating in.

What To See and Do

* The neighborhoods of Portland are as unique as their names there are arty streets and hippy streets to explore on foot

* You can visit the forest park which is one of the richest ( in terms of plants ) hile to the witches Castle

* or head across the river to Mt tabor which shows spectalur views of the city

* the largest independent book store the Powell city of books is a must see for book lovers everywhere

* Multnomah water falls is just outside the city and is a poular place for tourists to go.

* And since Portland is the City of Roses ypou must visit the International Rose Garden

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