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It’s the capital and the most populated city of Utah. Salt lake city is one of the older cities of US and it has a blend of old and new there is art culture, the great outdoors, sunshine snow and ski an hour away and great outdoor options like canyons just next to the city. In fact I can’t think of a single reason not to visit the city.

Why Go

It is lucky enough to be surrounded by great outdoors venues that include canyons ski mountains in the winter, which double up as adventure clubs in the summer( ziplines, hiking and camping). Golf is another popular sport if hiking and camping is not your cup of tea.

What To Do

* Temple Square is Salt Lake City's most popular tourist attraction, and the Salt Lake Temple is an iconic symbol of the city. All the activities and tourist attraction inside Temple Square are free.

* City Creek Center is Salt lake cities shopping and dining destination. Some of the center's notable architectural features are a retractable skylight roof, a sky bridge over Main Street connecting the east and west sides of the center, two waterfalls, a 1200-foot creek, and three electronically controlled fountains.

* The Gateway shopping. The Gateway offers stores, restaurants and movie theaters, but also two of Salt Lake City's best museums, Discovery Gateway and Clark Planetarium. It also houses The Depot, a popular live music venue that’s a great favorite.

* Liberty Park, is the oldest and most prominent park in Utah. It’s a great retreat for thousands of people who enjoy its beautiful trees, paths, playgrounds, fountains, ponds, sports facilities, swimming pool, amusement rides etc.

* The Natural History Museum of Utah: The museum rests on a series of terraces that follow the contours of the Wasatch foothills. The copper is wrapped around the building in horizontal bands of various heights to represent the layered rock formations seen throughout Utah.

* Salt Lake City is easy access to the area's beautiful canyons

* Salt Lakers are lucky to have eight world-famous ski resorts within an hour's drive.

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